Together, Carol and Rebecca go by #creativehustlershk. The story behind the duo is simple - the individual artists recognised their mutual passion, artistic style and understanding of hustling hard - always encouraging each other to take on a good creative challenge. They believe that there are many attributes to one person and apply the same mentality to their creative work, claiming themselves as practical artists as they explore diverse art projects and mediums - from graphic design to illustration to calligraphy to painting murals. If they’ve never done it before, all the better! The feeling of overcoming a problem, the opportunity to learn new skills and techniques that can be applied to the next project is what drives them. 


carol mui.

Carol was born in Australia to Cantonese parents, raised in Shanghai and is now a self-taught freelance artist based in Hong Kong. Her journey as an artist started in 2016, and she now specialises in illustration, calligraphy, and graphic design.

Although Carol is constantly learning and evolving her style, since living in Hong Kong and experiencing the insane pace of this city, she likes to draw inspiration from nature and all things “slow”. Along with her creative projects, she works full-time, so sometimes it’s even a reminder to herself to slow down, and look up. Carol’s recent work explores and features layering flowy curves and bold, simple colour schemes combined with the structure of minimal black and white line work. | @carolmuiii


rebecca t lin.

Born into a creative family gifted in a multitude of arts from dance to music, Rebecca experimented in a range of media before finding her voice in graphic design and illustration. Since gaining interest in the geometric aesthetics of polygonal illustration to represent her idea of organised chaos experienced in a Hong Konger's day-to-day lifestyle, she's produced monochrome portraits of pop culture celebrities as well as local controversial political figures using the technique. Previously the designs have been silk-screened printed on t-shirts for sale under the name ‘Dailok Clothing’. 

In light of the Occupy Central movement in 2014, the artist emerged as a proud Hong Konger. Touched by the protesting youths, she voiced solidarity by depicting the injustice in Mao-inspired screen-printed propaganda posters exhibited at UCA Degree Show at the University for Creative Arts (UK).

Rebecca is currently working as a freelance Graphic Designer and Muralist, with clients such as Bamboo Scenes, MISSBISH, HSBC, lululemon, HKwalls, and more - click here for her client list. | @rtl.creations x @rebeccatlin


By combining Carol’s assertion of ‘slowing down’ and Rebecca’s dedication to home and heritage, the duo have been creating murals with an urban concrete jungle theme; reminding the public to be mindful of their co-existing skyscrapers and country parks, as well as their lifestyle balance between the work hustle and play a Hong Konger endures. 

Let’s work together!